Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I have a black thumb.

Everytime I bring home a plant, I end up killing it. Sometimes, I admit, it's because of neglect, but I've also had plants die on me despite the most tender care.

This is why I've never had a full-blown garden - I'm hesitant to expend the time and energy on something that will not last long enough to produce.

And yet....

And yet, I keep trying. There's something so charming about a baby basil/lavender/thyme plant in a pot, that I can't resist. Every once in a while I will bring home something new, set it in the sun, and try to remember to water it. And invariably it will wither and finally gasp its last and give up.

Ethan, on the other hand, seems born to be a gardener. He loves trees and plants, and we can never pass by one without him having to stop and touch and examine it. I would love for him to learn to garden, or at the very least to keep something alive in a pot. And this is why, this past weekend at Target, in "The Dollar Spot," I gave in once again to the siren song of those miniscule terra cotta vessels, and bought two - one thyme, and one tomato.

They came in a box. In the box was a small pot, about 2" high (if that); a disc of what would become potting soil; and a packet of seeds. I soaked the disc in warm water and it instantly puffed up to soft black dirt. That was probably my favorite part. I tried to get Ethan interested in putting the dirt in the pot and the seeds in the dirt, but he is notoriously loathe to get his hands dirty (on second thought, never mind that bit about him being a good gardener). He was, however, fascinated with the process, and watched me intently.

I am proud to announce that today we have thyme sprouts! The teeniest, tiniest, ittiest, bittiest, most adorable sprouts I've ever seen. Nothing yet on the tomatoes, but I'm very proud about the thyme.

I don't think I've ever grown anything from a seed before - everything has always been started already. So I feel quite a sense of accomplishment!

And when I showed Ethan, he couldn't stop smiling.


Behold! A super-duper-extra close-up shot.

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Gail said...

Yay!! You have inspired me, I just might hafta sneak away to Target after Zander wakes up from his nap! This would be so stinking neat!