Friday, May 19, 2006

Pet Peeves

Know what I hate? I mean really, really, really hate??

I'll tell you, if you don't know.

I hate when people are talking to you on the phone, and right in the very middle of their sentence, they stop and say, "hello???" like they think you hung up.

No! I'm not gone! Just listening!

And the thing is, it always seems to happen right in the middle of a loooooong run-on sentence, with a lot of stammering and pausing, when you're already like, "just finish the sentence already!!" and it wastes even more time to have to stop and say, "yes, I'm still here."

Here's a hint: if you really think that your sentence is so long that someone would get tired of listening halfway through and hang up on you? Talk in shorter sentences. Break it up. And if you can't? Wait till the end of the sentence to ask if they're still there. I bet 9 times out of 10 they will be.

So that's my pet peeve du jour.

What's yours?


J's Girlfriend said...

People who think they have opinions but never actually bother to read a newspaper.

Gail said...

I can only pick one?!

Kidding, kidding!

Reciently I have been selling some items on ebay. This past week I've had 4 auctions end that sold (yippie!) and the buyers paid instantly. Efficient, eh? Well, 2 of those buyers also sent me an immediate email asking when I was going to ship the stuff! Blah! Uh...first thing, learn patience. Second, read my shipping policy that's listed in the auction. Thankyouverymuch!


Dave said...

My pet peeve is people who refuse to indulge my stammering and incessant run-on sentences. ;-)

Lady Jane said...

That's hilarious. I quite agree!