Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Money Well-Spent

The Crib Tent II is far and away the best invention ever. Ever, do you hear me? That's E-V-E-R, EVER!

It arrived today and the assembly almost conquered me, but I managed to wrestle it together and I am so, so, so, SO happy to announce that Ethan is asleep. In his crib.

Can I get an amen and how about a hallelujah?

And as a bonus, he LOVES this thing. He was so excited about it when he was watching me put it together. He has a book called "Just Me and My Dad," and in the book they go camping and sleep in a tent, so he was stoked about being able to sleep in a tent just like in his favorite book. That certainly helped.

So THANK YOU, Tots In Mind. You have saved my sanity!!

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Man, there are some nights when I wish my five year old would fit in a crib.