Thursday, May 04, 2006

Crowning Achievement

This took me all day long yesterday. A Boston Cream Pie, every morsel from scratch. It's going with my husband to work this morning for the office's May birthdays.

I'm very proud to say, I managed to pull this off even with a screaming infant and a recalcitrant toddler in the house. With all that distraction, it took me a good part of the morning to even wrap my mind around the first step in the recipe, but I did it. Every step was a milestone (I've got the eggs separated! I've got the pastry cream done and cooling! The cake is mixed!....),

And see that pizza box in the background? I was so not about cooking after being in that kitchen all day!


Dave said...

And you did a damned good job... there is lots of pie lust going on in the office today!

Snickle said...

It's magnificient!!!! Well done, too bad you didn't get to have a slice for yourself. I once made one of Martha Stewarts chocolate cakes (from scratch too!) and a chocolate icing. Man, that was a whole year's worth a chocolate (but no complained! LOL)

mommy said...

Thanks, Snickle!

You know, I've never actually tried a Martha Stewart cake. It sounds wonderful! Maybe that will be my next project.