Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Come Into My Parlor

Outside Ethan's window is the biggest black widow spider I have ever seen.

Initially we were drawn to the window by a blue mud dauber wasp which, I learned today during my black widow research, is a predator of the black widow. So that explains the presence of the wasp.

Now my question is this: how the heck do you get rid of a black widow? She's hiding kind of under the lip of the window right now, because Ethan spooked her when he was getting a closer look.

Are those little kid's bug vacuums effective? Is it safe to just suck her up and release her somewhere in the woods? Or does she need to be squashed (harder to do when she's hiding)?

Anyone ever had to deal with this before? Any suggestions?

Anyone? Anyone?


Snickle said...

A Blow torch?!

mommy said...

Snickle, I can't tell you what an idiot I feel like for not being able to tell whether you're serious. LOL

Whether you are or not (I'm guessing not?), that is a very funny mental image!! LOL

I wonder if we could use those little mini torches like they use on creme brulee? hehehe

Lostcheerio said...

Do not use the bug vacuum!!! Even to suck up a very innocuous bug like an ant, it takes great effort and concentration. You have to place the thingy just exactly over the bug and then kind of seal off all around it, and then it huffs them up a little bit, usually into the tube, really never all the way into the handy receptacle, and then you have to either poke them the rest of the way in (at which point they get stuck with one leg in a crack) or try and blow them back out. Not. Good. Technology. It's no Dyson. I suggest the old paper towel applied with fierce pressure to the head. No catch and release necessary. ;D

mommy said...

Ack. That sounds like just a tad (OK, a lot) more contact with a black widow spider than I am comfortable with. I certainly won't be doing any poking of a spider into a tube. Just the thought makes my skin crawl. So, the vacuum idea is out. Pity. On paper it sounds so wonderful and easy.

She's still holed up in her little compound in the corner of the window and not budging, so while squashing is out for the moment, I haven't ruled it out entirely. It's a veritable stand-off. I'm certain she knows we're up to something.

Blah. I think maybe I'll just end up having to leave this one up to the husband. Or maybe that wasp will come back around and eat her. That'd be a battle I'd be interested in seeing, actually. Sick, no?

Dave said...

The Husband says... Just take a trusty Bell jar and lure her into it. Use your hands, covered with gardening gloves, of course! :-)