Sunday, April 09, 2006

Making Progress

I tried on my fat jeans again today, just to see if I should bother packing them to take to Tennessee.

They fit! They don't fit well, mind you - I still have a little bit of overhang. But I can pull them all the way up and I can zip them! Not easily, but I can. Hey, I take my victories where I can get them.

I didn't get to join the gym in March like I'd hoped. But I did start paying attention to what I eat, and trying to eat healthfully again instead of just trash all the time.

And my friend Gail has been a big help to me. We live in different states, but we're Pilates buddies just the same. (Winsor Pilates. I highly, highly, highly recommend them!) She is way more with-it than me, though, and does them every day whereas I mostly only do them when she gives me a virtual kick in the butt via IM.

So a huge thank you to Gail! And thank you Mari Winsor! And thank you Lean Cuisine! And I'd like to thank the Academy.... eh, sorry. That was just bad.

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