Monday, April 24, 2006

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jog

Well, we're back.

The trip was fantastic. The driving not so much. But the actual visiting was great!

I got to meet the wonderful Pam (another blogging mommy - and one with whom I have so much in common!!) and David. We also saw the soon-to-be-parents-themselves Mark and Wendy, and of course we are always happy to see Alan and Nancy!

We were there for Easter, so my mother-in-law and I went to Target and got all the things to put together an Easter basket for Ethan. He got to "hunt" for Easter eggs in the front yard (meaning we laid them in plain view and he had to gather them) and then followed a cotton ball Easter Bunny trail to the back deck where he found his basket.

I finally got to have the kind of Mexican food that I've been craving for the past 3 years. The white cheese that I used to get in Georgia is apparently a southeastern thing. I found this out when I finally broke down and Googled it after increasingly frantic searches in both Connecticut and Texas. We went to Monterrey in Knoxville, and took Ethan with us. I was so proud of him! Mr. Suspicious actually tried everything on the table! Chips, salsa, chicken, sour cream, quesadilla, rice, beans, the heavenly white cheese sauce, and the lemon wedge out of my husband's water.

I also got to go to Rally's. I've been craving Checkers, and Rally's is owned by them, so it's the same thing and it was WONDERFUL. Man, I miss it. (Thank you Barbara for giving us some cash so we could go!!)

We drove back yesterday, and it took us only 12 hours instead of the 14 it took to get to Knoxville. I was very happy about the much shorter drive. Dave would tell you, however, that you could never have guessed it, what with me functioning on only a couple hours of sleep and only one meal. Poor Dave. I was a little short on patience.

And my worries about the house smelling like cat pee? The good news is, it doesn't! Yay! The not-bad-but-kinda-weird news? It smells like new house. Paint and wood and carpet. I guess I'm wasting my time with the near-constant barrage of yummy scentedness of candles and sprays and incense and strangely delicious-smelling Swiffer WetJet. I'm not picking up even a whiff of any of those things. We've been here nearly a year, and we still have that new-house smell. Trust me, I'm not complaining. I'm just happy it's not a mix of cat pee and diapers.

The cat didn't pee anywhere, and there were no hairballs, so that was a pleasant surprise.

The bed fell in as my husband climbed in last night. That's the second time that's happened (the first time was on moving day). It wasn't tilted enough for me to notice so I just stayed put, but he could tell, and since he'd been driving all day and was too tired to mess with it to fix it, he went out to sleep on the couch. Poor husband.

Aidan has graduated to sleeping in the PackNPlay, which is wonderful. He slept quite well last night, and didn't wake up until 7.

Now here's another weird thing. My mother-in-law's bedroom is in her basement, in a room with no windows. It's heavenly, because it's well-insulated from outside noise, and perfectly dark. Every time we've taken Ethan to visit, we've had the best sleep of our lives, because there's nothing to wake you up but your very own internal clock.

But this time we weren't so lucky. For whatever reason, my kids decided that meant LESS sleep, not more. Aidan routinely woke up anywhere from 4-6AM, which of course felt earlier to me, since I was still on Central time. And Ethan didn't sleep in for even one of the 10 or so mornings we were there. I think I averaged about 4 hours of sleep a night. I tried to take a lot of naps to make up for it, but holy cow. I expected it to be completely different than that, based on how wonderfully Ethan has done every other time we've been there. Ugh.

Anyway, aside from that, we had a wonderful relaxing trip. I only wish we could have stayed longer!

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