Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What was I thinking??

We started potty training yesterday.

We are going to Tennessee for Easter, and I was going to wait until we got back, since I didn't know how a newly potty-trained kid would handle a 10-hour drive.

But yesterday when I asked Ethan if he wanted to try going poo-poo on the big boy potty (we've been trying sporadically, with limited success, but hadn't started hard-core yet), he said, "no, I got a diaper on." Silly me thought maybe he was just feeling literal that day, so I asked him whether he'd like to try if we took his diaper OFF. The answer was still no, and the implication was, "why would I use the potty when I can just go right here in my diaper?"

Well, screw that. Using the diaper as an excuse? Yeah - it is SO time.

The boys and I hopped into the van and headed to Target for some big boy underpants. He got a pack of training pants and two packs of toddler briefs - one Thomas the Tank Engine and one NASCAR (yes, NASCAR. Does that crack you up like it does me?). He also got to pick out some flushable toddler wipes.

So this is where the "what was I thinking???" comes in. I've done nothing but change wet pants since then. We've had three successful trips to the potty, but they were at my suggestion, not because he told me he had to go. The rest of the time he's been wetting his pants as fast as I can put new ones on him, and once he even peed on the bathroom floor as I was bringing the new pants from his room (and that was after we'd been on the potty for 5 minutes or so with no results). Oh, and he also smeared poop on the bathroom rug when he sat down as I was trying to wipe him.

Today I promised him that when he learned how to go potty on the big boy potty and didn't get his pants wet anymore, I would get him some of the things we saw at Target yesterday to decorate his bathroom (because really, what's the point now when he's just peeing and pooping on everything?). They had bathroom accessories in a safari theme - monkeys, lions, giraffes, etc. - and he really liked them alot. Of course, I haven't cleared this yet with my husband (hi, honey! I'm spending more of your money before you even make it!), but it'll probably be at least a few weeks till we get to that point anyway. He's making a tiny bit of progress in that the first time he wet he didn't even realize it. But now he's figured out it's uncomfortable and he will tell me when he's gone. I think the next two steps are realizing he's going, and realizing he's about to go.

I only wish I knew how long it will take to get there.

And in the meantime, you'll have to pardon me - I've got some pants to change.

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