Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lord, Have Mercy

Ethan has some serious OCD issues to contend with in his future, I'm afraid.

I just IM'ed my husband to ask if he had added to the bedtime routine, because just now when I put Ethan down for his nap, he was asking me to turn on something, but I couldn't understand, and therefore couldn't turn it on. He's pretty upset in there, and will probably go for the third day now with no nap.

Husband: Here's our bedtime routine.
Husband: Read 3 books.
Husband: Pray.
Husband: Sing 3 songs.
Husband: Say night night to: Cmas tree, Santa, sheep, snakeskin, wipes, truck, sound machine. [He has to touch each of these and tell each night night. Yes, we have a little bonsai in his room. Yes, it's still decorated for Christmas. It's now ingrained in the routine]
Husband: Fan on, lights off, red blanket then blue blanket. Lay head on stars. Turn on aquarium.

Nope, nothing new there.

And I know toddlers are more comfortable if they have a routine. But geez Louise. Compulsive much?

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