Thursday, February 23, 2006


We're working on manners with Ethan. I think using them ourselves in normal everyday life helps alot; he can just sort of pick them up through osmosis. Or whatever.

The other day, he started saying "I'm sorry," just out of nowhere. He came up to me to bring me something (I don't remember what - a book? a car?) and he accidentally stepped on the dog. "Sorry," he said. Later, he brought me something else, and it happened again. The dog got a full, "I'm sorry, Doggie," this time. I don't remember specifically teaching him to say it. I guess he just picked it up. It was a pleasant surprise.

Today he was about to get highly upset because he dropped his car onto the floor from his high chair. He was gearing up to pitch a fit, when I told him to just say, "race car, please, Mommy," and I would get it for him. So he did.

But this afternoon while in his playpen watching Cinderella (while I was nursing the baby), he dropped a car over the side and expected "Please" to truly be a magic word. "Please, Mommy," he said sweetly. I told him I would get it in just a minute, but that I couldn't reach right that second. "PLEASE!!!!!" he demanded at the top of his lungs. "PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!"

He's got the letter of it down. But not quite yet has he got the spirit.

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