Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's the End of the World as We Know It.

Ethan knows how to open doors.

He was playing in his room. Quietly. Too quietly, really, but I was so thankful for the silence I just let it go. I should have known better.

He came rushing out with one church shoe on, on the wrong foot. "Tie it, Mommy! I need to tie my boot!"

Me: Wow! Look at you! You put your shoe on all by yourself! Good job!
Ethan: I got it out of my closet!
Me: You did, huh? Hm.
Ethan: *running off* I need the other shoe!

*stage wait of about a minute*

Ethan: Tie the other one, Mommy.
Me: You smell good. What is that smell?
Ethan: My cream.
Me: Your cream??

He's had a diaper rash, and we've been putting various creams on it to try to combat it.


What price silence?

I guess I'd better go see what he hath wrought in there (UPDATE: the picture is at the top of this post. That little stinker. And the "cream" was a small tube of my Ocean Breeze lotion). Oh, yeah, and also call my husband to stop at Target and pick up some of those door knob covers on his way home.

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