Thursday, February 23, 2006

How the Mighty have Fallen

I like to cook. You might even say I love to cook, when I have the time. I'm hard on myself as to the results, always thinking it could have been done better, but my husband likes it, so that's all that matters I suppose.

I used to cook from scratch just about every night. These days, with a highly active toddler and a newborn who is wakeful and fussy right around the dinner hour, poor Husband rarely gets anything homemade.

Tonight, this was dinner. In case you can't identify these dishes, they are Hamburger Helper, and mashed potatoes out of a box.

Not that there's anything wrong with starch and sodium with a side of starch. And sodium. They're tasty enough - you can't really mess up carbs and salt. I happen to love both, actually (I'm a HUGE carb addict), but I still miss truly cooking.

I can't wait till I can find the time to cook again. And I'm sure my poor husband can't wait either.

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