Monday, February 27, 2006


Even my meds couldn't help me with a day like this one was.

Let's run down the list:

1) Aidan was up at 2:30 with gas, and grunted and tossed and turned and wrestled with paci until around 5:15, when I fed him.
2) Ethan also decided to wake up early - a little after 7, instead of 8 or so.
3) Aidan did manage to fall asleep again, until 10, but he cried from then on, unless nursing or sleeping. He is usually fussy like this, but today I was just too tired to be OK with it.
4) Ethan was in a defiant mood today, doing everything I told him not to do, so there was a lot of taking things away, and time-outs, and some swats on the leg. For example, we had to incarcerate Elmo, because Ethan was slinging him around and banging his eyes on the tile floor. in addition to this being destructive (enough reason by itself for him to stop), I felt it was very important to my sanity that Aidan remain asleep. Ethan didn't agree, so bye bye Elmo. This meant a great deal of wailing and gnashing of teeth.
5) Ethan threw up a few bites of mac n cheese during lunch. The smell was God-awful.
6) So that meant a bath before naptime, which, though I tried to cut it short, soaked the bathroom and made a tremendous mess.
7) Aidan was blessedly asleep when I put Ethan down for his nap, so I had a blissful 10 minutes or so before the cat started whining and woke up Aidan.
8) Did I mention that unless Aidan was nursing, he was crying?
9) I nursed Aidan and then he cried till he fell asleep again.
10) At that point, Ethan was awake and ready to get up.
11) I took him outside. It was a gorgeous day today. He tortured the dog by chasing him around the yard. Then (and, my God, I can't believe I'm about to put this out on the internet) I look up to catch him rolling over under the dog, and in what seems like slow motion, I realize the dog is squatting, I yell for Ethan to get up, but since he is Mr. No today, he ignored me. So, he got dog poo on his shorts.
12) Yes, you read that right, and I'm going to say it again. The dog shit on my son. Oh. My. God.
13) We came in to change, and went back out, but by that time, Aidan was awake and screaming.
14) I told Ethan to get his toys and come in, so he gathered his toys, and raced around the corner of the house to hide. By which I mean he threw himself down in the mud (we recently had quite a bit of rain, and our yard gets soggy), and covered his eyes.

I could go on. There really is much more from there. But those are the highlights. After that I think mostly I just shut down and went on auto-pilot.

And, can I just say, thank God for husbands!!!!!!!!! My darling, dear, wonderful, amazing, sweet, sweet husband (hi, honey! How I love thee!!!) came home, slung the baby in the carseat, grabbed the toddler out of the playpen, and took off to ports unknown to give me some unwind time. Bless his heart.

Tomorrow is another day. And it can only be better.

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