Friday, November 04, 2005

Today is Ethan's birthday - he's 2. I just can't believe it's been two years. The time really has flown.

We got him a cake with a die cast fire truck and three firefighters on it, and made the mistake of letting him see the cake before we did presents. He was interested in NOTHING but getting that fire truck off the cake so he could play with it.

My mom gave him his birthday present while she was here (the jackhammer set), and so did my grandmother (money), but they both sent cards in the mail that we opened for him. Mom got him Barney and my grandmother and grandfather got him Elmo, with a little counting game inside.

Dave's mom and granny sent a LeapPad book (The Little Engine that Could); several books about trucks, including a coloring book; a Bob the Builder book; some sweatpants; and two shirts. One is Bob the Builder and the other says "When I grow up I want to be a fireman" and has a picture of a fire truck on it. They both also sent cards that we opened up - Barbara's was a fire truck card with lots of fire dogs and a sheet of stickers inside and in Granny's card was a gift card to Target.

Dave and I got him two HotWheels cars, and a set of Fisher Price Little People (a fireman, a dog, and an EMT).

Ethan was so distracted by that toy fire truck, he only ate the frosting off of his cake and left the rest. He simply refused to do anything else until he had that truck! So I cleaned him up, cleaned up the truck, stripped his shirt, and let him go at it. He hasn't stopped since.

Pretty soon I'm going to have to tear him away from it somehow. This boy has to eat something this afternoon besides frosting!! =)