Wednesday, November 30, 2005

As a footnote to my post of this morning, I offer you the following website:


"TV Watch is a broad-based coalition that opposes government control of TV programming and promotes the use of tools like content ratings and parental controls.

TV Watch educates parents about existing tools to manage their families’ TV viewing and gives a voice to the majority of Americans who prefer personal responsibility to government regulation.

TV Watch consists of 27 prominent individuals and organizations representing more than 4 million Americans."

At their website you can find out about actions you can take to tell the government you don't want them interfering with your programs, including a petition you can sign.

There is also a Parents' Tool Kit - "Everything you always wanted (or needed) to know about how to control what your kids watch on TV." - a downloadable guide, a tutorial, and tips. Now, THESE are the kinds of tools I can use, and will.

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