Monday, November 21, 2005

After months and months AND MONTHS! of waiting, and about 50 billion false starts, I think Ethan is finally ready to start talking. I'm so happy, I've been on the verge of tears all morning.

He's never been able to get past "neh-neh-neh" for EVERYTHING, and lately he's been making up signs for words he uses on a regular basis, even though we've never used signing with him. Anytime we ask him to say anything, he says "da!" His vocabulary has been less than half a dozen words, whereas normally a toddler his age should be right up around 200.

But with Ethan, it goes kind of like this:

"Ethan, can you say, 'truck'?"
"Ethan, can you say, 'oatmeal'?"
"Ethan, there's the moon! Can you say, 'moon'?"

He WANTS to talk. His "neh-neh-neh" sentences seem to be amazingly complex, and the fact that he makes up signs for things like ride, and light, and eat, and touch, tells me he really wants to communicate.

The other day, just out of the blue while sitting in his high chair, he started playing with his ear, and he actually said EAR. I was shocked. But he did it over and over, and showed Dave and me our ears, and a couple days later, he STILL knows the word, and hasn't dropped it.

I was very encouraged by this, because it's the first time he's said a word without needing to be coached by Dave or by me. He figured this one out all on his own.

I praise him so much when he says that word now, that he's started clapping and cheering and jumping whenever he says it!

THEN! This morning, we were looking at a book of trucks that Dave's mom got him for his birthday. The book has lots of photos of all kinds of big trucks, in bright primary colors, and we were "talking" about the trucks and the colors. I pointed out a school bus, and told him it was yellow. And then I asked him if he could say yellow. Instead of "da!" I actually got "ow-a!"

I was stunned.

I pointed out another yellow truck. "Ethan, what color is this?"


We moved on to a new page. "Ethan, can you show mommy a yellow truck?"
*pointing to a yellow truck* "Ow-a!"

I clapped and cheered and praised, and he beamed, soaking it all in.

It's been a frustrating time for all of us, with him not able to communicate well. I'm hoping, I'm PRAYING he's over whatever block he had, and that he realizes that yes, he can actually say words!

Now I can't wait for Dave to get home, so Ethan can show his daddy his "ow-a" trucks.